Visit To Cork

February 27, 2014 at 8:31 pm

Last week, I went on a trip to Cork, while there, I acquired an oscilloscope and visited Dr. Patrick McCarthy of UCC.

Dr. McCarthy took me into his office and showed me around his lab for a few hours and I talked to him for a bit about my plans for the Fusor.  Dr. McCarthy also brought in one of his students, Mr. Cormac McCarthy – all 3 of us are unrelated!  – and explained a few things which are involved in plasma physics.  In his lab, Dr. McCarthy does a lot of research into plasmas, he has a machine/experiment set up which negatively ionizes helium-4 and is very like a Fusor in the equipment involved in it.  It was a brilliant experience to visit a University lab and talk to someone experienced in Dr. McCarthy’s field.



Me and Dr. McCarthy.


Dr. McCarthy’s vacuum chamber and associated equipment.

Dr. McCarthy's spare parts.

Dr. McCarthy’s spare parts.

Dr. McCarthy's control panel.

Dr. McCarthy’s control panel.


The oscilloscope I got was acquired free of charge, a man named Richard Tarr most kindly agreed to donate the one he was selling when I emailed him. It’s a Kikusui, 20Mhz, twin channel oscilloscope. Model is COS5020. It’s in full working order, all I need to get are a probe or two and I’m away!  I’ll make a second post with pictures of the oscilloscope for sorting ease.


Me and Richard, sorry for the bad quality.

Me and Richard, sorry for the bad quality.


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