A number of people have graciously agreed to support my project and advise on different topics.

An especially big thank-you is due to my Uncle Tommie – listed below – who has helped me with a lot of different things like how to set up this website.


Advisor and mentor:  Mr.Joe Daly, science teacher St Gerald’s College, Castlebar.

Advisor and mentor: Professor Tommie McCarthy  (my Uncle), Department of Biochemistry, University  College Cork  who is helping me with planning  and organising  the project.

Advisor on fusion and fusion research:  Dr. Patrick McCarthy  (not related), Department of Physics, University  College Cork who is an expert in magnetic  confinement fusion and has a plasma data analysis group at UCC.

Advisor on public understanding of science and radiation  safetyProfessor Willie Reville,  Emeritus Professor  of Biochemistry and Public Awareness  of Science Officer at UCC, Chair the Board of the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII).

And of course, my parents  – my Dad thought I was crazy for a while! but I have convinced him that I’m totally sane!

Massive thanks is also due to the folks over at – without them, I would not be anywhere near where I am now with my Fusor.


Corporate sponsors:


  • ProVac Engineering
  • Mason Technology
  • Baxter
  • National Instruments
  • HiVac Engineering
  • Kurt J Lesker