Some News

January 5, 2015 at 9:47 pm

I’m back from my 4+ month hiatus from updating this site…


A lot has happened since my last post (early September) and other than my Twitter, there’s been no mention of it on this site.  From now on, I’m going to focus on getting shorter, more frequent updates posted, so there’s a regular flow of activity on progress with the Fusor.


In September, I entered 3rd year at St Gerald’s College – this means I will be sitting an Irish State Examination this June.  Understandably, this requires some study and I have Mock Examinations beginning January 29th (3 weeks time).  In regard to this, I’m planning to get the Fusor 90% complete before then.  At the moment, I have 95% of the parts I need accounted for (vacuum, high voltage, instrumentation, gas line) and the only main item I’m missing is the Deuterium gas, but this is in the works.  All in all, the Fusor is coming along very well and the last 6 months have been thoroughly enjoyable and exciting.


Something which most people might have missed out on:  I spoke at this year’s Web Summit, in Dublin, at the start of November.  As a result of this I met and spoke with a huge amount of people;  John Collison, of Stripe, Jay Bregman, of Hailo and Jerry Kennelly, of Tweak and Stockbyte, to mention a few.  These guys are some fantastic contacts and very willing to help me out on the business side of things.


Yesterday, the released its “20 Under 20: Ireland’s Brightest and Most Inspirational Rising Stars.”  I had received an email from one of their journalists, Nicky Ryan a week or two ago asking for an update on the Fusor and thought they might be publishing a small article on it, but imagine my surprise when the list was tweeted to me and I was on it!  It’s an unexpected honour to make the list with people like Austin Gleeson and Paul Clarke – Fact: I spent a week living with Paul at a Maths Olympiad training camp during August!

I sold my Playstation 4 yesterday, so I’m hoping I’ll have a noticeable amount of more free time.  I received a copy of Marcus Connaughton’s “Rory Gallagher: His Life and Times” for Christmas and it’s the first non-scientific book I’ve read in quite a while.  I also picked up a Cormac McCarthy novel, “The Orchard Keeper” and hope it will be the first of many books to be read this year!  Pictures of the Fusor construction in progress and all the new equipment to come.  Also, for those waiting on t-shirts from the crowdfunding campaign:  I haven’t forgot about them, they’re also on the list to complete before the Mocks – sorry for the huge delay.