Procrastination and Fusion Nation

March 23, 2015 at 10:19 pm

Here I am again, returned after another long absence.


I haven’t been writing/blogging recently due to two things, one fairly large reason and the other more of a petty obstacle, I’ll start with the latter.


Edwards RV3 pump on the workbench.

Edwards RV3 pump on the workbench.


I sat my Junior Certificate Mock exams from January 29th – February 6th…These are exams in preparation for the Irish state-wide exam sat by all 3rd year students at the beginning of June (15/16 year olds).
In the run-up to the Mocks, I said to myself I’ll put blogging on hold in order to study…After the Mocks I said I’d put blogging on hold to have a bit of a rest and I’m only blogging again now.  Anyone familiar with the next point has probably guessed it:




I did very little study for my Mocks – 2-3 hours at most the week before they started.  I wasn’t too busy studying for my Mocks or working on the Fusor to blog, I was just unmotivated and overprocrastinated (Excuse the grammar, rhyme is important).


This isn’t a first either, if you check my post history you’ll see some spurts of activity followed by long periods without posts.  Every time I’ve come back I’ve said “More posts coming, shorter but more frequent posts in future etc etc excuse excuse.”  Anymore, no timelines for posts or any of that, I’ll write when I write.  (I’m not saying I’m inundated with requests for blogs every day/week, this is more of an effort to get myself into regular writing.)


Fusor vacuum chamber, some flanges bolted on.

Fusor vacuum chamber, some flanges bolted on.

Now, onto the Fusor:


Things have been delayed for the past month and a half or so, mainly due to two safety concerns and it has been quite frustrating,


The only big piece of the Fusor in missing is the deuterium gas.  It’s pretty much the Fusor’s “fuel” and I’m not going to be doing any fusion without it.  The main reason I haven’t been able to get it is gas suppliers aren’t too keen to supply a fifteen year old “Nuke kid” with flammable and combustible gas.  In his Dad’s shed.


Coupled with this, the man supplying the Fusor’s power supply (60kV, 80mA) is adamant that I set up the Fusor in a 3rd level institution under supervision of qualified electrical engineers in order to ensure my safety (Understandable, big electricity + Little experience = Medium-rare Tom).  I think you know what’s coming next.


Drum roll please.


I’m moving the Fusor out of my wonderful shed and into a University.  Now, I’m not sure which one yet, but I’ve got a lot of links and have spent the last 8 weeks trying to get it moved with little progress.  It’s a big, bad bottleneck because progress was going wonderfully quickly before this obstacle came into play and it’s been getting on my nerves.  Admittedly, it was kind of tough making the decision to move out of the shed as it takes some of the romance out of my whole story, but the project itself is most important, so onwards and upwards I go.


The Shed, a place of wonder.

The Shed, a place of wonder.

However, there seems to be a light coming down the tunnel and I think I should be getting good news in the next month.  When that happens, it’s Fusor building game on and full steam ahead.


Eye candy interspersed to spate all of your thirst for Fusor information.  Also, if anybody wants to talk about giving me some pointers on coding, please shoot me an email (tommccarthyprojects at


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Thanks for reading!