Pricing And Good News

March 22, 2014 at 10:31 pm

Tonight, I did a review of the costs for the Fusor.  I went over all the current costs I had set (on the equipment pages) and added it all up.

I priced each object with a minimum cost and a maximum that I would be willing to spend.  When I acquire funding, I hope to keep to the maximum costs that I have set, but if it is absolutely necessary, then I may have to spend more than I have set as acceptable.

What I came out with was the following:


1.Vacuum Tech:


  • Chamber: €300-€800
  • Mechanical pump: €100-€500
  • Diffusion pump: €100-€400
  • Gate valves: €100-€250
  • Ball valves: €150-€300
  • Tubing: €50-€150
  • Associated fittings: €150-€350

2.Gas equipment:

  • Deuterium: €200-€500
  • Hydrogen regulator: €50-€150
  • Flow control/Needle valve: €50-€150
  • Capillary line: €50-€100
  • Gas piping: €30-€50

3.High voltage equipment:

  • Power supply: €500-€1,300
  • Feedthrough: €100-€250
  • Tungsten wire: €10-€30

4.Instruments, gauges etc.

  • Pressure gauges: €300-€800
  • Neutron detection: €600-€1,200
  • Oscilloscope: €150-€350
  • X-ray detection: €220-€400
  • Lead shielding: €20-€50
  • Neutron moderation: €0-€40
  • Video camera: €100-€250
  • Viewport: €50-€100
  • Laptop: €500-€800

Taking the above as all required equipment and factoring out the oscilloscope’s cost (donated for free), I arrived at a minimum cost of €3,730 and a maximum of €8,920. Now, if I take into account a spare €500 for unexpected fees, deliveries and other costs, we have a minimum of €4,230 and a maximum of €9,420.  Finally, adding €500 to both for optional parts, a complete costing of between €4,730-€9,920 is found.  In an ideal world, I would be able to get all parts for the minimum price, but sadly that is not the case.  Nonetheless, if I reach my funding goal I should have enough to cover all costs.  I did not have time to change the prices listed on the website, but I’ll get around to it sometime this week.

Another piece of news for you all is that this week, my school agreed to support my Fusor.  I met with my school’s Principal, Mr. Daniel Hyland, and Vice-Principal, Mr. Cormac Hannon last Thursday.  I organized the meeting with Mr. Hyland on the Tuesday before and on Thursday I explained the project to both Mr. Hyland and Mr. Hannon.  They said that they would be very happy to put the school’s name behind my project and would help in any way they could.  Mr. Hannon also said that they would be able to add some amount of financial support.  I was very happy with the outcome of the discussion as the school has a number of facilities which I am now able to use.  My school’s website is