Plans For The Fusor

March 29, 2014 at 10:17 am

Some readers may be wondering what is my proposed purpose for the Fusor.  Well, there are three of these.

  1. It’s like climbing Mount Everest.  A good number of people have climbed Mount Everest before and people still do, the same is true for the Fusor.  Climbing Mount Everest will most likely not accomplish much, but it’s an excellent accomplishment in itself.  People do it for the love of climbing, or to achieve a lifetime goal. With me, I am building the Fusor for my love of physics and to achieve something really great.
  2. It will be the first step in developing a sub-critical fusion-fission hybrid reactor.  This has never been done before even though it is a safer design than any of the current fission reactors in use and generates a virtually non-existent amount of radioactive byproduct which could be weaponised (more on this in the next post).
  3. Research.  By building a Fusor, I will be able to conduct my own research into I.E.C plasmas and efficiency losses during fusion and maybe how to improve those losses.  A number of people from carry out their own research on Fusors.  One man who has done extensive research is Doug Couter, for any who are interested he has his own forum with some very interesting topics. ( )

And that’s all for now, folks.  I’ll try to make a post with some more information on the sub-critical reactor later on today or tomorrow which will (hopefully) inform you all.