New Video!

June 14, 2014 at 7:04 pm

Cian sent me the new video today and it’s a huge improvement over the previous video…In itself the video’s excellent!  Cian’s twitter is @CianLR if anybody wants to get in touch with him and Shane  – they made the the video.

On the crowd funding front, it’s going well.  While I’m writing this, there’s over €800 raised on the campaign, hopefully the new pitch will encourage some more donations!  Outside of the Indiegogo campaign, I’ve got the €250 that I previously mentioned and by this day week, I will have over €2,000 more.  A family friend and barrister has raised €1,200 for me as it stands and hopes to have €1,500 by Friday next for the handover.  A local businessman is also going to donate €1,000 to the cause.  Great news all in all.

I’m also considering extending the Indiegogo funding deadline.  The campaign began as a 45 day long campaign.  The maximum campaign length is 60 days.  Indiegogo have a policy whereby any campaign can be extended so that it’s full length will be 60 days, that means I can get a 15 day extension which will be ample time to get some more funds in if I’m not fully content with what’s raised by June 27th.

That’s all for now, as the recent posts have been mainly about the funding, I’ll try and get a post that’s about fusion, the fusor or something science-y-ish up soon.