Inner Grid Construction

April 8, 2018 at 12:30 am

The vacuum system is fully hooked up, finito – Except that I’m waiting to hear back on the turbopump’s controller.  It wasn’t driving the turbo at all, but it’s just a case of plugging a cable in when it gets back.  The Fusor can even be run without the turbopump in use, but deuterium will be used up quicker.


I’m currently focusing on getting the Fusor’s grid constructed.  The grid is the focus of the Fusor and is situated in the centre of the vacuum chamber, at a high negative potential.  The power supply for the Fusor is able to bring the grid’s potential to -30,000 V.  This ionises any deuterium entering the chamber, and the ions (nuclei consisting of 1 neutron and 1 proton) then fly towards the grid.  The grid itself is actually 3 – 4 circles in the outline of a sphere and is quite transparent, so the ions can go through the grid and recirculate around, colliding with each other (fusing) on their way around.


The grid itself is easy enough to construct, but it needs to be connected to the feedthrough on the vacuum chamber.  I want to minimise hassle, and am following the design in this thread:

The cylindrical fitting slides on the feedthrough’s stalk, and then the grid’s wires slot into the fitting.  I like the design a lot, as it avoids soldering/welding, and makes for easy grid replacement.  Now, I need to pick up some stainless bar, and drill the appropriate holes.