HV Power Supply

December 28, 2017 at 12:52 am

Won an auction for a high voltage power supply “in working condition” last night on eBay.   $100 + $50 shipping from the US for a Matsusada 30 kV, 20 mA negative polarity supply.  It would be preferable to have a higher voltage for experimentation, but it’s a great starting power supply and will enable measurable fusion.  I’m delighted to have got it (and at such good value), as it’s been a long wait looking for a suitable supply.


The appropriate high voltage output connection and cable doesn’t come with it, so I’ll have to sort that out.  There are a couple of different connections that are common, and I don’t have access to a datasheet yet, so it could be tricky to figure out and make/find.  Hopefully it can be figured out with the help of the guys at fusor.net  Also, the supply will need to be tested when it arrives and the cable is secured, just to make sure it is in full working order.  I’ll have to get someone experienced in high voltage electronics to give a hand with this and give everything a look over for safety.  Not going frying myself.


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A good St Stephen’s Day!