March 15, 2014 at 1:21 pm

Today’s post is a quick update on the funding situation.

I have decided that to raise money for the Fusor, I am going to use three different approaches.  First, I’m going to have a crowd funding drive, which I’ve been mentioning quite a bit.  Second, I plan to establish an Ebay store selling “junk” from local houses.  Third, I will be approaching various businesses and companies for sponsorship, this will most likely be the art executed part of the complete funding drive.

1. Crowdfunding

The crowd funding drive is going to be launched on Indiegogo.  I am using a flexible funding plan, so that if I don’t reach my full funding target, I still get a percentage of any funds that have been donated.  I have already filmed a short movie/film for the crowd funding drive with the help of my Dad.  On the topic of perks or rewards for donating/sponsoring the Fusor, I have yet to construct a complete plan, but all donators will be listed here on the website and I will most likely be offering hand-crafted, Irish goods as rewards.

2. Ebay

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was recently in Cork visiting my Uncle Tommie, who is my main mentor.  While there, we brainstormed a couple of ideas other than crowd funding and one that came up was selling things on Ebay.  I aim to first do a test “sell” by gathering unused items from my own house and putting them up on Ebay and if this goes well, I will begin canvassing local households for unused items or “junk” that they have lying around.  Hopefully, this will go well.

3. Sponsorship

Finally, after launching the crowd funding campaign and establishing an Ebay store, I am going to begin asking related businesses and companies for sponsorship.  I am doing this last because I feel that if I have already gathered some funds companies I go to will take me more seriously and not as a “14 year old looking for some easy money”.