Funding To Date

July 20, 2014 at 7:39 pm

The Indiegogo campaign for the Fusor ended up with €2,137 raised.  As the campaign didn’t reach its goal, Indiegogo took a cut of 9% (€192.33) leaving me with €1,944.67.  This knocked off quite a bit from the €10,000 target to build the Fusor.

However, Indiegogo was not the only way in which I have been raising money for the Fusor over the past two months.  Multiple individuals, organisations and companies have donated to the Fusor.  Outside of the Indiegogo campaign, I have raised more than €5,000 in direct funds and equipment sponsorship equivalent to more than €1,000 on the budget.  Hivac Engineering, as I mentioned in my last post will be making me a vacuum chamber and other companies, such as Mason Technology have donated financially.  All in all, I now have more than €8,500 accounted for.  I will be making a final push to raise the last €1,500 in both equipment in finances over the next two weeks as I will be pitching at the Galway Meetup in NUI Galway College Bar this Thursday and will be presenting on the Fusor in Trinity College Dublin on July 30th.  A huge thanks is due to all those who have donated, I’m getting the Supporters page ready with a list of all donators and it should be up soon.

Other than the fundraising, the Fusor has gained much media attention over the past month.  It kicked off with an article by Christine Bohan on the which led to an interview with Ryan Tubridy on RTE 2FM and interviews on Midwest Radio, 96FM (Cork) and Spin 1038.  Articles were also written in numerous papers such as the Western People, the the Irish Sun and the  The Ryan Tubridy interview is available on the right hand side of the website.

Finally, an RTE team came to the house to film a piece about the Fusor.  This was shown on the RTE 6-1 News on Tuesday, July 1st.  The two lads, Pat and Enda were dead sound and I really enjoyed the filming process.  The clip is embedded below, thanks to Mr Hannon (my vice-principal) for recording the clip and uploading it.