Faraday Cage

July 12, 2017 at 5:20 pm

The Faraday cage is almost complete.  Constructed from galvanised grid iron and 25mm angle iron.  The top and bottom grids are permanent, side grids are removable and 2 hinged doors are to be added on the front and back respectively.  When in use, the plan is that the Fusor cart sits on the bottom of the cage, where I can work on setting it up without access being restricted.  When ready, the sides and top go on, and the doors can be used for any additional access required before the high voltage supply is turned on.  At that stage, the HV supply won’t power up unless the doors are closed as they’ll be linked in series to the supply’s interlock via microswitches.


Calling the cage a Faraday cage doesn’t communicate it’s role completely.  The cage is not meant to attenuate electromagnetic radiation.  There’s no need for that with the Fusor as most things aren’t particularly sensitive to EM, excepting the Helium 3 tube for neutron detection, and the power supply itself is DC.  It’s role is more properly described as a physical barrier, so nobody gets shocked or comes into contact with the HV supply while it’s running.  This is reflected in the use of interlocks with the doors; the high voltage supply will not operate until the doors are closed and if they’re opened mid-operation, the supply cuts out.  Also, the cage holds the main grounding pin, and is to be grounded itself, so any stray currents or accidental connections don’t cause damage or shocks.


The cage is 90% done.  Sides, top and bottom are complete.  1 out of the 4 doors is cut and welded, all other pieces (grid and angle) are ready for welding, and the hinges are there too.  All that needs to be done is weld 3 of the doors, weld the grids on, and weld on the hinges.  However, I’m not too good with welding so Dad looks after that.  Waiting until he’s home before completing the cage.  In the meantime I’m working on getting stepper motors working with microswitches and remote control for outfitting the manual valves for remote control.



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Faraday cage

Faraday cage