Deuterium Line and Turbo Controller

April 30, 2018 at 7:09 pm

Great news.  The Turbopump controller, an NT 150/360 has been fixed.  One of the power transistors was blown, and it’s now on the way back to me from ProVac.  ProVac to the rescue again.  Vacuum system is all done now.  Will spin up the turbo when the controller arrives to verify that I’m getting down to 10^-6 mbar as before.


Machined a clamp and holding mechanism for the Deuterium lecture bottle, and hooked it up to the regulator.  I previously had a lot of trouble figuring out how to connect the Deuterium lecture bottle to the regulator, the information available on CGA fittings online is wanting.  The Sigma Aldrich D2 bottle has a CGA 180 outlet, but my regulator normally has a CGA 350 nipple.  Both are suitable for hydrogen, but the 350 fitting is much larger and incompatible with the 180.  Luckily, the nipple in the regulator is just threaded in.  I persuaded it to come out with a vice grips.  After that I got an NPT adapter for the connection on the regulator, and a replacement CGA180 fitting to match that on the lecture bottle.


Having the deuterium mounted in place nicely, I cracked open the bottle valve to see if the regulator registered pressure.  I got some Deuterium flow, but no pressure registered on the inlet or outlet gauges on the regulator.  Troubling.  Have to test it now with air to see what’s going on.  Getting some advice from Dutch friends on this, who are always most helpful.


There is a short set of tasks left before fusion – verify this regulator is working and connect it to chamber via needle valve.  Then have to put together control panel for high voltage supply, test the high voltage output, solder the high voltage cable, machine the inner grid holding piece and connect the feedthrough to high voltage cable and grid holder.  Nearly there.