April 8, 2014 at 8:51 pm

Short post for today guys.

The crowd funding campaign was not launched yesterday (Monday).  It’s down to the fact that it just simply wasn’t possible to have all the press and media organized at the short notice that I gave my school when I asked for a press launch, it’s entirely my fault.  I know that for quite some time I have been saying “Oh, I’m launching in the next few days!” again and again and again, so I’m sorry for that.  However, right now, all that needs to be done to launch the crowd funding is press the button.  But, Mr. Hannon has notified me that the National media may be interested in covering the launch which would be absolutely fantastic for getting the word out about the Fusor.  Within the next few days, they’ll have confirmed whether or not they’ll be covering me and I’ll get back to you all.  In between then, I’ll make an effort to get some cool theoretical stuff posted.  If you’d like me to talk about anything in particular, just leave a comment.