Another Update

June 9, 2014 at 8:35 pm

I return!  After a post-less period of exactly 23 days, I’m back.  In all honesty, I don’t think I’d be lying if I said that I’ve been neglecting the website somewhat since the crowdfunding campaign started and as I was in Poland for the last 10 days, I couldn’t get on to write up a post either.  Anyways, I’ll get on with the purpose of this post and inform you all what I’ve been up to since the last post.

First and probably the topic of most interest, I’ve been trying to raise money and publicise the Indiegogo campaign for the Fusor as much as possible.  Outside of the €605 that is currently raised on the online campaign, I’ve got €250 in cash that has been donated and a promise of at least €1,000, or a little over it, which will be donated this Friday.  If it’s going to be in cash or on the campaign, I’m not quite sure about.  The cash donations came from some people I approached personally and a business in Castlebar, where I live.  A few other businesses have also promised to donate to the Fusor and I’ll be going back to them to collect over the next couple of days.  If the €1,000 that is due to be donated is included with the current funds raised, €1,855 is the amount that is raised.  This isn’t €11,000, but it’s an amazing amount of money to have raised for the Fusor and I’m really thankful to everybody who has supported.

Second, two guys from my school have agreed to make a new Fusor funding film with me.  They’re Shane McCormick and Cian Ruane, both   are in 5th year.  They’ve made some really cool videos before, such as the one below.  We’re set to begin videoing tomorrow (Tuesday, June 6th) and I think it’ll be pretty cool!

Finally, my first post ( was published on Tweak Your Biz, a blogging website that I was recently accepted on – I’m the youngest blogger there, at the moment!  It’s a very well run site and excellent for getting attention, it also works both ways, as if Joe decides to blog there, he gets his own attention and Tweak Your Biz doesn’t have to hire anybody to write for them!

I’ll get another post up in less than 23 days,